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Vienna to New York, NY

1940 | Siegried Unger | Male | Unknown

by Greg Anglemyer

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Angel Island immigrant: Yes

Place of Origin

Place of Settlement
New York, NY

Mr. Unger arrived in San Francisco on August 28, 1940 on the SS Rakuyo Maku as a “Section 5” immigrant. He was single and childless  He had $3 in his pocket. His health is noted as “good”. Angel Island immigration inspectors held Mr. Unger because he did not have sufficient funds to reach his desired destination.  He was sponsored by Rabbi Herbert Parzen of New York City who was a friend of his sister-inlaw, Anny Well (a widow), also of New York.

He had been living in Vienna, Austria.  Mr. Unger was a partner in the Unger Film Company which owned several theaters and had an income of about $800 per month. Sometime after Germany annexed Austria in the Anschluss of 1938 the business was taken away from him with no compensation. The immigration file did not show how he got out of Austria or where he spent the time between 1938 and 1940.

His intent was to move to New York and live with his sister-in-law and her daughter (the daughter was employed in a dress factory). He hoped to find employment in the cinema industry there.

After thirteen days, he was processed out of Angel Island on Sept. 10 after receiving a sum of $100 from Rabbi Parzen. His final paperwork was forwarded to him in New York. On October 31, 1940 he picked up his identification card at Ellis Island.


Greg Anglemyer is a volunteer with AIISF. He is retired and pursues many hobbies. He also serves as president of his local Parks and Recreation district in Washington.

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